What are MONSTER FOODS?  Thinking of such a term can stir the imagination to another level of intrigue.  But monster foods are not to be taken lightly.  They are quite simply the healthiest nutrition nature has to offer.  Everything that emanates from the earth has some function.  Organic foods are no different.  The best diet is the caveman diet.  Whatever the caveman ate, we should also eat.  This is for the simple fact that today’s nutritional options are highly processed and filled with toxins that have no business being in our bodies.

So monster foods are just earth foods.  Simple foods that are easily broken down by our digestive system and have no hidden or processes toxins inside them.  Clean eating will reflect in a clearer, more refreshing life as well.  The affects of a proper diet on a person can be seen within a short period of time.  One of the first observations of changing to a  monster food diet will be higher levels of energy, less fatigue, an increase in happiness, and a reduced chance of catching illnesses.  Whenever we eat processed foods, inflammation will spike in our bodies.  Eating monster foods reduces inflammation and therefore the chances of catching common disease and cancer. 


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